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4. Performing a clean Windows XP installation
4. Performing a clean Windows XP installation

Step 4: How to install Windows XP from scratch

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The process varies a lot depending on the computer that you are using. Traditionally, you would open the BIOS menu and change the order of drives in the BOOT menu. Newer computers use UEFI instead of BIOS, which needs to be accessed in a special way if you're using Windows 8.

  • Reboot your computer, and look for the BIOS or BOOT menu key when the manufacturer’s logo appears. Press the setup key to open the menu and change your boot order. The setup key is typically F2, F10, F11, or Del. Make sure that the USB is listed as the primary boot device.

  • Then you’ll see a screen saying:  ‘Press any key to boot from CD or DVD ….’

  • Press the Enter key to set up Windows XP.

  • Read and accept the Windows XP License Agreement by pressing F8.

  • Press ESC to install a fresh copy of WIndows XP.

  • Delete the existing Windows XP partition.

  • Confirm knowledge of the System partition.

  • Confirm partition deletion request.

  • Create a partition.

  • Choose a partition size.

  • Choose a partition to install Windows XP to.

  • Choose a file system to format the partition.

  • Wait for the Windows XP installation files to be copied.

  • Windows XP installation will begin.

  • Choose Regional and Language options.

  • Enter your name and organization.

  • Enter a computer name and administrator password.

  • Set the date and time.

  • Choose the networking settings.

  • Enter a workgroup or domain name.

  • Wait for the Windows XP installation to finalise.

  • Wait for Windows XP to restart and to boot up.

  • Accept the automatic display settings adjustment.

  • Click OK to allow Windows XP to automatically adjust the screen resolution.

  • Confirm automatic display settings adjustment.

  • Begin final setup of Windows XP.

  • Wait for Windows to check the Internet connectivity.

  • If you’d like to skip this step, click Skip.

  • Choose an Internet connection method.

  • Optionally register Windows XP with Microsoft.

  • Create initial user accounts.

  • Finish final setup of Windows XP.

  • Wait for Windows XP to start.

  • Congratulations! Your clean installation of Windows XP is now complete.

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